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Join us to make JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park Car-Free

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Imagine a place where there are miles of space just for walking, running, scooting and riding a bicycle. Imagine having a safe and welcoming place to teach your children how to ride a bike. Imagine a tranquil oasis where you could seek peace and quiet in the midst of the city. We don't have to imagine--we have Golden Gate Park, and it can be all of this. It is time for a car-free JFK Drive.
Golden Gate Park is the crown jewel of San Francisco's park system. It is the third most-visited park in the United States, after Central Park and the Lincoln Memorial. Golden Gate Park sees over 24 million visitors annually who come to enjoy the vital recreational and cultural opportunities that it provides. The park is extensive, at over 1,000 acres in size--it's actually 20% larger than Central Park!
However, unlike Central Park, where cars are banned, Golden Gate Park sees heavy motor vehicle traffic on its roads. Much of this traffic is commuter through-traffic and commercial vehicles using the park as a short cut. This motor vehicle traffic creates huge safety hazards for people visiting the park on foot, bikes or scooters. JFK Drive, one of the main throughways of the park, is a part of San Francisco's High-Injury Network, meaning that a disproportionate number of pedestrians and people on bikes are injured here compared to other city streets.
Additionally, Golden Gate Park allows free all-day parking on JFK Drive. This encourages people to drive their cars to the park rather than arriving by public transit, walking or on a bike. Competition for parking spaces creates congestion and conflict. Visitors must contend with honking, exhaust fumes and jammed up streets. Car cover a lot of valuable park space that could be used to provide people with much-needed recreational space in the heart of a busy city.
It doesn't have to be this way. Golden Gate Park will be 150 years old in 2020. Cars didn't even exist when the park was created, and they shouldn't have a place in its future. Cities everywhere are realizing the safety, health and social benefits of creating car-free spaces. San Franciscans should be able to enjoy more car-free spaces too. Eliminating private cars from JFK Drive will create a safer, quieter park with more room for people to enjoy all the park has to offer.

It is crucial that the park remains accessible to everyone. There are many ways for ensuring everyone is able to continue to enjoy the park, and it will be important for all stakeholders to have a voice in determining which options are best.

Who we are

We are a group of community members, parents and safe streets advocates that believe that San Francisco deserves more people-first spaces where residents and visitors alike can be active, enjoy nature and spend time with friends and family. We are tired of cars being put first in a park that is meant to serve as a respite from city life, and we would like a safe place for our children (and yours) to play!  We are affiliated with People Protected Bike Lanes and the Richmond District Family Transportation Network.